Curling iron first aid kit

Every curling iron should come with a first aid kit. I currently use an Amika 19mm clip-free curler (AED450) and a JUICY 25mm curler (AED450) that you can purchase from Amika stands in hallways of both Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. I’m fairly happy with them, one of them did stop working less than a year after my purchase, but was replaced under the lifetime warranty.

The curling irons come with heat-resistant gloves, but they are useless. Unless Amika can provide us with a heat-resistant face mask, I’m going to keep getting burnt. With hindsight, I’d advise on curling irons with plastic or rubber tips to prevent finger burns but I have yet to discover whether they’d help with facial burning.

Until my breakthrough first aid kit idea picks up, keep the below items at home in the unfortunate case of burning your skin. Below is what you should do within the FIRST 30 minutes of skin burn (specifically for the face):

  1. Cold water with towel vs burn relief spray

    All you need is cold tap water. And we all have that in Dubai. After splashing the burnt skin with cold water, run the water over a small area of a towel and then place the towel onto your skin. This is because you need to keep that cold water on your skin for a minimum of 20 minutes. Be patient, the first 20 minutes are the most important!

    If you’d like something more sophisticated, use Savoy antiseptic burn relief spray (AED14 from Super Care pharmacy) which cools the burnt area. I’d advise keeping the wet towel onto the area for 20 minutes even after spraying. I’m sure you heard, ice is a no no, unless you wrap it in a towel before placing onto your skin.

  2. Aloe vera gel

    Then apply gel with pure aloe onto the area to sterilize the skin. I’d recommend Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel with Tea Tree, it has 99.9% bioactive aloe vera (AED45 from Life Pharmacy).

  3. Plaster vs sunblock

    Don’t leave the house without plaster, even if the burn is on your face. Not only will plaster protect the skin from infection, but it will protect it from sun-burn. For those with sensitive skin, use Boots Hypoallergenic Plasters if they are in stock. If not, you can get Salvelox Sensitive Aloe Vera (AED20 from Super Care pharmacy). It was a mission finding plasters for sensitive skin in Dubai with no cartoon characters.

    If you are extremely self-conscious about using plaster, apply 50+ SPF sunblock, cover the area with bangs if possible and avoid the sun. I’d recommend Avene very high protection emulsion (AED116 from Super Care pharmacy).

Keep using plasters and sunblock (and do NOT suntan) until the scar is completely gone. The scar for first degree burns should only last for a few days, so don’t panic. However, it’s best to continue using sunblock for several months after it fades to avoid permanent discoloration.


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