Kit Kat Chunky Orange

Chocolate review


Rating: (1 to 5 with 5 being highest): 4.5

Location: Al Maya, Dubai

Price: AED 6.95

Description: A limited edition, so rush to your stores now. Only reason why it didn’t score a 5 is because, for some reason, I preferred the orange Kit Kat 2 finger bars instead.



5 thoughts

  1. Mmm, orange kitkats. Do they have the 2 finger bars there all year round? It looks like some of the funky flavors they have in Japan. Cherry blossom green tea kitkats may be my favorite. It’s sad that they don’t have interesting flavors like that in the US.

      1. Mint? I’ve never seen mint Kit Kats. re they mint chocolate like York peppermint patties or Andes mints? Why do they hide these wonders from the US? Once I finish the giant haul of Kit Kats I brought back from Japan (boxes of plain green tea, cherry blossom green tea, strawberry cheesecake, special dark chocolate, citrus, and several more), I’ll have to seriously consider flying there for more.

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