The Healthy Bakery; Raspberry & double dark chocolate muffin

Chocolate review

Rating: (1 to 5 with 5 being highest): 4

Location: Milk & Honey Gourmet, Dubai

Price: AED 16

Description: This gets a 4 (and not less) in the low fat and gluten-free standards. Who would’ve thought you could find healthy tasty chocolate? Like all muffins, most of the good stuff is only on the top. That would be the raspberry whose tangy flavor is the perfect contrast to the cocoa-rich muffin. However, the double dark chocolate is generously distributed all the way til the base, adding moisture to an otherwise dry dessert. The muffin came in a Pascal Tepper bag, a French bakery in Dubai Media City. So if you would like it a few minutes fresher, grab it from the original bakery (although it did not taste stale).

muff2 muff1

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