Seafood .. on my head

Caviar hair treatment

Overall rating (1 to 5 with 5 being highest): 4

Treatment: Kerastase Chronologiste restorative treatment

PriceAED 440

keresLocation: Sisters Beauty Lounge, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Ever since I moved to Dubai and started swimming every weekend, my hair has started deteriorating by the week. At fear of losing my precious tanning routine, I headed to Sisters Beauty Lounge and asked for the most extreme hair treatment they offered. And of course, it was double the price of standard hair treatments. Why? Because it has caviar.

The Kerastase Chronologiste treatment is said to be for all hair types (mine is curly) providing the following benefits:

  • Hair is left incredibly soft, supple and shiny.
  • Hair fiber is renewed, deeply nourished and strengthened.
  • Hair integrity is preserved.
  • Scalp is regenerated, soothed and hydrated.


I, on the other hand, just wanted more lively curls that looked less like a mop.

I started with a hair wash by Kerastase shampoo; thermo-reactive intensive nutrition for very dry and sensitized hair. The hair stylist then mixed the caviar pearls with the cream and applied the treatment onto my hair with a spatula. I was told that the treatment should be left for 20 minutes, but I asked for 30 (I’m paying so much I might as well milk this!).

After application, the stylist wrapped a hot damp towel onto my hair and a few minutes later replaced the towel with a super cool hair dryer. She explained that the frequency for applying such a treatment is once or twice a month. She also explained that some customers purchase the whole set for an extra 100AED and comeleave to the salon to apply it for around AED150 only. The package would last for a year if they were to apply once a month.

I then styled my hair with Kerastase leave-in nourishing care for dry to very dry hair. I still prefer Pantene’s Oil Replacement Classic Care.

So am I happy with the results? So far I am (it’s been a few hours), let’s hope it lasts til next month!

Opening timings: 10am – 10pm on weekdays, 10am – 11pm on weekends

Official salon website: Sisters Beauty Lounge


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