Slider Station restaurant

Restaurant review

Burgers and chocolates … what more could one ask for

Overall rating (1 to 5 with 5 being highest): 5

Food rating (1 to 5 with 5 being the highest): 4.5

Ambience (1 to 5 with 5 being the highest): 5

With branches in the UAE, Kuwait and Oman, Slider Station describes itself as:

the first conveyor belt burger joint in the world … [that] takes on the concept of an American Gas Station in the 40s… [It includes an] in house chocolateire – the Cocoa Room.

Mississippi classic burger AED45


Burgers: watch out for the subtle description of the buns next to the items in the menu; keywords such as ‘beetroot bun’, ‘bamboo charcoal bun’, ‘potato bun’, ‘smoked cheddar bun’ and ‘onion seed milk bun’ refer to the colorful buns.

Nutella thin shake AED25

The Nutella thin shake was my least favorite experience. It tasted like a regular chocolate shake despite traces of Nutella in the inner rim and bottom of the glass.

Oreo Midnight Pancakes AED70

Dessert: there is a separate dessert menu (that is not limited to the shiny plates on display by the entrance) that includes one of my favorite desserts ever:

Oreo Midnight Pancakes – chocolate stacked pancakes topped with chocolate ice cream and a warm fudge sauce. The pancakes tasted more like soft chocolate cake. It reminded me of Hershey’s Homemade Fudge Cake, with pieces of oreo buscuits hidden within. This is by far one of the best desserts I’ve had in Dubai so far. 

Grilled chicken slider with mozzarella cheese and rocca AED18

As for ambience, we went on a Friday at 2pm and managed to find a table without a wait. The restaurant was as busy as you would expect on a weekend at lunchtime (doesn’t take reservations). American oldies music was playing in the background. And a bunch of people were sitting side by side in the center of the restaurant watching the sliders literally slide by them across a conveyor belt.

Would I visit again? Absolutely. And I won’t miss out on those colorful buns next time.

Location: The Galleria Mall, Ground Floor, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE

Opening timings:  1pm – 11pm (daily). Serves lunch and dinner.


Telephone: 600 544005

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