A Jordanian expat in Dubai with 32+ years experience in curly hair management and chocolate devouring.

The hair story IMG_3616_1024

Having traveled across Asia, Europe and North America, my hair has seen it all. From rainy
London to humid Dubai, it has survived in the toughest conditions. It has been trimmed, pulled, dyed (remember Sun In?), sprayed and back-combed. This blog is about embracing your natural curls and letting your hair free.

The chocolate story

Some people travel and shop for the latest handbags. I travel and shop for the latest chocolate bars. I don’t bake chocolate dessert, I eat it. With a soft spot for milk chocolate, I share my explorations of the newest and most mouth-watering chocolate products and dishes that I come across.

And who said that we can’t both enjoy ourselves and give back? This blog promotes social good, mainly supporting women and the hungry. Tune in to find out how. And please reach out if you have a relevant charity in mind.

Get in touch at rasha@curlychocolata.com

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