Quotes of wisdom

[on a guy my friend hooked up with who she later managed a platonic friendship with]:

he’s the girlfriend i never had.

EH, 2013

[by my friend living in the UK after seeing me 1 year later]:

there are 2 mysteries in life:

1. why people queue to Nando’s

2. why you’re single

AR, 2013

[by my friend when she was tipsy … or drunk]:

it’s so stupid how i get tipsy after one drunk.

IH, 2006

[by my friend about a coworker]:

apparently she did masters abroad. What exactly did she master?

IA, 2006

[by my friend about siblings]:

my sister and i are so different. You’d never see her cleavage ever.

IH, 2006

[about a friend who got screwed over by a guy]:

her bullshit detector wasn’t really working.

IH, 2006

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